Fascia is the body's organising tissue; it's what wraps the muscles, bones and

organs and what creates tendons and ligaments. Fascia is meant to distribute

strains evenly, when we sit, stand or move. Over time as stresses, injuries and daily

habits affect the body, fascia reacts, getting thicker and 'gluing' itself to surrounding structures.

Adverse tension held within the fascia can cause additional compression and reduced movement and therefore disease. Fascia also contains many of the body's receptors and 'bound' fascia may affect muscle tone and proprioception.


Myofascial Taping aims to:

  • Bring about body-wide balance of minimal tension and movement ability
  • Help decompress joints
  • Enable fascia to glide and slide relative to each other as nature intended
  • Create ease in the body and effortless movement
  • Improve tissue tone and proprioceptive feedback for movement control
At the practice, we often use myofascial taping with Acupuncture or deep tissue
massage but can also just perform the myofascial taping. It is very popular with
athletes or sporty people.
You can find out more information about myofascial taping on the following website: http://www.physiotrainingacademy.com
Myofascial Taping
male athlete with tape on his knees runn